Attack On The Witcher

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Ahh, Good start.

7 suns and 7 moons forged their paths across the sky while I walked… and walked and walked. For someone who has spent so long patrolling a cave, I’m surprised that my legs could manage it. I flew occasionally, but thought better of it. I shouldn’t bring undue attention to myself. It wasn’t too hard to find food. the animals in the region are plenty and not overly weary of predators. Just had to climb one of the green leaf trees and dropped down on them. Couldn’t slice the meat up, as I had no knife, but meat tastes the same if it’s been sliced or torn.

I passed by some ruins as soon as I got out of the rolling hills attached to the mountains, I will return to see what’s in there in the future. in all honesty, it was interesting but it was easily eclipsed by the open plains of green that lay ahead of me. It was a pleasant sensation, the grass. It was soft and tickled my feet and tail as they brushed along. I had never seen flowers before. Such beautiful petals.

I miss her.

I passed through the ‘Great Crossroads of Elhyrst’. I expected more from the name. Apparently they like to exaggerate the quality of their… what’s the word? Dwellings? Not City… Oh well. They like to think that they’re better than they are. Perhaps I can use this. People should know what they are, and what they can be. I am still learning both but at least I know that there is something to be learned.

From here I learned of the ‘City of Lights’, Tedale. Using my dice, I won enough through a few adventurers who were curious about my story. I was happy to spin them a tale about my tail while they got drunk and lost their silver and gold money to me. With this gold, I bought a nights stay in a very soft bed, a big meal (that was overcooked, but worth what I paid for it)

With my last coins I paid a merchant who was going to Tatun to give me a seat on his cart closer to Tedale. He was not very talkative, I appreciated this.

Walking through the hills as night fell, I was prepared for anything. Anything included ripping a few drunken farmers off of their last couple gold pieces and one of their pigs. Tomorrow I will be cooking said pig for breakfast in return for tonight’s bedding. Everyone looks at me as though I shou the writing stops

A very strange Half Orc(?) just busted down my door waving a wicked looking curved blade, screaming something incomprehensible before realizing that this was the incorrect room. I followed him and saw him cut down a man. As i questioned him, he walked away casually. I pestered him for answers, only to receive the bare basics of his no doubt thrilling backstory. His name is Gill and he is a bounty hunter. I’ve heard of this profession but imagined it to be much more respectable work. He wanted my help to get in the city tomorrow, apparently two freaks are better than one when it comes to reputability.

Something strange… Food for thought. As I walked back to my room, the body was gone. Awfully quick. And the maid who was cleaning the blood seemed not too phased by the situation. She didn’t seem to give two shits.

I have surprised myself. One week out of the Mountains and I’ll be working a cooking job in the morning and heading into the big city with a potential ally.

You’ve done well, Watcher.


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